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Are you suffering from a chimney leak? Chimneys are a vulnerable area in your roof because it’s essentially a big hole! But when properly installed and maintained, your chimney should not be leaking. Here’s what to do if there’s something wrong with your chimney,

Why Your Chimney May Be Leaking

There are three main reasons why your chimney could be leaking:

  • The step flashing is improperly installed or damaged
  • The counter flashing is improperly installed or damaged
  • Your chimney is porous

Step flashing and counter flashing are both metal pieces used to overlap vulnerable areas near your chimney. They ensure that your roof stays water-tight and leak-free. When these pieces are not properly installed where they are supposed to be, this could leave those areas susceptible to water and leaks. A porous chimney, on the other hand, is a chimney that absorbs water because its water repellent has worn off. When the creosote from a chimney mixes with water, it becomes acidic and breaks down the mortar.

Inspecting Your Chimney

IBEX Roof performs thorough evaluations as part of our inspection process. If your chimney is experiencing a problem, we will check around the chimney area to ensure that the step flashing is not loose or weak and that the shingles are properly laid over the metal. We will also make sure the counter flashing has not been damaged or pulled away from the chimney. Next, we will look at the caulk around your flashing and make sure there is no damage or rust around those areas.

If you have a cricket, we will inspect the shingles around it and ensure that the shingles are laying on top of the cricket, not underneath. Crickets are installed on the higher part of the chimney and look like a metal peak or “saddle.” They are used to diver water and debris around the chimney and are a necessary feature for chimneys that are 30 inches wide. They are also recommended for chimneys located on the downslope of a roof, especially in the Pacific North West regions where we receive a lot of rain.

Lastly, we will double-check for cracks in your chimney and mortar and make a note of how long it’s been since your chimney was last applied with water repellent.

Should You Fix Your Chimney Yourself?

We never recommend an untrained homeowner to climb their roof to inspect the chimney. At IBEX Roof, we have certified professionals and the right safety equipment to perform a proper and thorough inspection. Even better, we will look at more than just your chimney! Perhaps your chimney leak may be coming in from somewhere else. No matter what, our team is here for you and will help you find the best solution for your problem. Often, we see that chimneys need recaulking around the flashing, and we use a high-quality urethane caulk to get the job done. We’d love to help you with all of your roofing repairs to help prolong the life of your roof. So when you are in need, give us a call! We will make sure to get the job done safely and quickly.


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