Roof Repair Case Study

Battleground, WA

The Pacific Northwest is known for its long running bouts or rain and the occasional freak snowstorm. In 2016, however, Battleground was the victim of a tornado—something we don’t see very often. This particular twister touched down in several spots in the small town, and while thankfully there was no loss of life, there was plenty of damage that resulted.

We worked with our client after the storm to repair a roof, custom cupola, and weather vane that had been ripped off the house during touchdown. We rebuilt the custom cupola and re-applied the same cooper finish it had prior to the damage. This work also afforded us the opportunity work on eliminating some other leaky areas that the homeowners were having trouble with.

Project Highlights

  • Repairs to roof after 2016 Tornado tore apart roof and custom copper cupola
  • Sourced matching luxury shingle to ensure the repairs matched existing roof exactly
  • Rebuilt copper cupola with weather vane to match original
  • Made changes to the design to eliminate leaky areas which had caused rot under the cupola
  • Replaced major portions of the roof and tied into existing roof without damaging it further