Roof Replacement Case Study

Many times we are called out to work on a roof that is the victim of poor workmanship. This particular home was only 10 years into its new life. The homeowner’s had replaced the roof with what should have been a 50 year asphalt shingle roof. Sadly, due to improper nail placement by the previous roofing contractor had prematurely deteriorated the new roof.

After assessing the damage of the house, our team determined that a roof replacement rather than a repair would be more cost effective in the long run for the homeowners. It also gave our team time to further assess and fix improper ventilation issues that were occurring due to the improperly installed roof. Sometimes a roof replacement can be more cost effective than the repair needed to correct poor workmanship. We gave our clients the security of a new roof, free of the issues that had previously plagued them.

Project Highlights

  • 50 year shingle installed on a roof improperly, causing roof failure after 10 years despite a premium shingle
  • Diagnosed, determined improper nail placement was causing leaks
  • Determined it was more cost effective to replace the roof rather than repair, as the whole roof was installed incorrectly
  • Roof was under-ventilated. IBEX installed new edge intake vents in roof as part of the roof replacement.