The Three Letter Word No Homeowner Wants to Hear

The Three Letter Word No Homeowner Wants to Hear (WOOD ROT) | IBEX Roof

It’s easier to tell there’s a problem with your roof when shingles are missing, cracked, or crooked. However, damaged shingles are not the only reason why a roof may be considered damaged. Your roof is made up of a lot more than just its shingles, in fact. Another major part of your roof is the roof decking or sheathing underneath. These are thin boards of wood underneath your shingles that provide the structure of your roof. Because these boards sit underneath your roof, is it harder to see when there is damage and, the dreaded word, ROT.

Invisible Damage

When your roof is working properly, it should be shedding water away from your home, into your gutters, and out the downspout. When you have damaged shingles or vulnerable areas in your roof, though, water can seep underneath the shingles and onto your roof decking. Because your roof decking is made out of wood, it will start to deteriorate over time, especially if it doesn’t properly dry out. When there is constant moisture underneath your roof, it’s only a matter of time that will start to decay and, eventually, rot.

Because your roof decking sits underneath your shingles, it’s difficult to tell when there is wood rot or damage outside of a professional inspection. As a note, we NEVER recommend homeowners climb their own roofs to check for wood rot because those rotted areas can easily break under your step.

Possible Signs of Wood Rot

There are two types of wood rot: wet rot and dry rot. Some signs of wood rot include:

  • There is a mildew smell in your attic
  • Parts of your roof are discolored
  • The wood feels soft and spongy (some homeowners may be able to tell this by looking in their attic)

If you suspect your roof has experienced wood rot, call our team at IBEX Roof. We will schedule you for a roof inspection as soon as possible! If wood is rotting, it is likely there is an underlying leak that needs to be repaired; the longer you wait, the more damage you risk on your roof. Being as proactive as possible will make it less likely you will need to replace your entire roof.

Our goal is to make sure your roof lasts as long as possible. The best way to do so is by scheduling annual roof inspections to stay ahead of your roof’s upkeep. At IBEX Roof, we pride ourselves in being fully transparent with our customers: no secrets, no surprises, and no subcontractors! We will never sell you any services you don’t need because we are here for you for the long haul. Give us a call today and let’s make sure to stay on top of your roof’s health!

Clogged Gutters Can Damage Your Home

Clogged Gutters Can Damage Your Home | IBEX Roof

It’s a given that debris can end up in your gutters and we all know it’s about that time of year to clean them out. However, did you know that putting this task off can actually risk damage to the rest of your home? Gutters play an important part in protecting your roof by shedding water away from your home. So when your gutters are clogged, it could lead to bad news if not taken care of soon.

Pooling Water

When water cannot properly shed from your roof, it’s possible it can pool at the edge of your roof. If your roof has existing cracks and damage, this could lead to a bad water leak. But even if your roof is in good shape, excessive standing water can damage the foundation of your roof. This will lead to wood rot and you will need to replace the wood underneath your shingles sooner than later. Depending on how much water sits at the end of your roof, it could also seep into your foundation, causing foundation problems.

Foundation Problems

It’s likely your gutters are not fully clogged all the way through. In fact, some areas might have more debris than others. When this happens, water ends up overflowing and splashing your home in the same areas. This could lead to flooding and other structural damage to your home’s foundation.

Gutter Damage

Another common way clogged gutters can affect your roof is by damaging the gutters themselves. When you don’t clear away the debris from your gutters, the extra weight of debris plus the weight of rainwater can cause your gutters to split, crack, or even rip away from your home. In a worst-case scenario, the water stuck in your gutters will freeze in cold weather and really damage your gutters.

Schedule a Gutter Inspection Today

IBEX Roof is passionate about keeping your roof in tip-top shape. We want to make sure your roof is taken care of and the best way to do so is to keep it clean. That includes your gutters! If you are not sure if your gutters are doing well, or if you think they need a cleaning, we can help. Schedule a roof and gutter inspection today and our roofing specialists will make the best recommendations on how to move forward.

If your gutters often get filled with debris, be sure to ask our gutter specialists about installing gutter guards! We have helped hundreds of homeowners gain peace of mind with their gutters with our gutter guard products. Give us a call today to learn more.

How Many Layers of Shingles Are Too Many?

How Many Layers of Shingles Are Too Many? | IBEX Roof

If you’ve ever gotten your roof replaced, you may remember the process.  It usually includes an inspection, tearing off old shingles, installing the new ones, and then cleaning up. The entire process of replacing a roof usually doesn’t take too long. In fact, many houses can be done in about a day or two. However, sometimes homeowners will ask if we can install the new shingles over their existing shingles. You may think this saves time or add extra protection to your roof. But adding multiple layers of shingles on top of your home may actually do more harm than good. Here’s why.

Follow Your Local Building Codes

Your roofer should be familiar with your local building codes, and most building codes only allow a maximum of two layers of shingles. Outside of shingles, your roof is also made up of decking and underlayment. When you layer new shingles on top of old ones, you aren’t able to see what’s going on underneath the foundation of your roof. So if the layers underneath your old shingles are old and rotten, we won’t be able to see it or fix it.

Watch for Weight

Even if your roofer DOES allow for more than two layers of shingles, your house or building may not be designed to hold the extra weight of multiple roof layers. Ultimately, having too many layers of shingles could negatively impact the integrity of your roof, causing it to sag over time.

Talk to Your IBEX Roofer Today

So how many layers of shingles are too many? Two layers are the recommended maximum. But it also depends on other factors, such as the state of your roof and what types of shingles you choose. In some cases, it’s best to stick with just one layer of shingles. The best way to find out is to have your roofer perform an inspection prior to your roof replacement. 

Our IBEX Roof experts can help answer all of your questions about getting your roof replaced and how to do it right. Our goal is to make sure your roof lasts as long as possible; we would never want to jeopardize the integrity of your roof. The last thing anyone wants is to replace their roof sooner rather than later! Give us a call today at 360-218-3194 with any questions you may have and we’ll be happy to answer them. Don’t forget to also ask about our roof specials so that you can save on your next roof!

How Annual Roof Inspections Keep Homeowners Happy

The Importance of Annual Roof Inspections | IBEX Roof

Have you scheduled your fall roof inspection yet? October and November are opportune times for your annual roof inspection before the weather gets too cold and rainy. In fact, the occasional rainfall now is also the right time to check your attic for leaks and moisture to ensure that your roof is prepared for the winter ahead. At IBEX Roof, we aim to provide quality roofs for our customers, and that includes prolonging the life of your existing roof! Read on to learn about why roof inspections are one of the best ways for a longer-lasting roof.

Safety First

Most people don’t often think about the roof over their heads, not until something goes wrong, that is. But waiting too long to inspect or repair your roof can have major consequences. A few missing shingles can turn into cracks or openings in your roof, which can then lead to water leaks, pests, or even mold. Preventing these things from happening is always the easiest way to keep your home safe and sound.

Money Saved

You can either be reactive or proactive when it comes to roof problems – guess which one method ends up being the most expensive? The best thing that can happen from a roof inspection is that your roof is in great shape. Sometimes, a roof inspection will uncover a small area of damage that would otherwise become worse and more costly over time. But catching these things sooner than later means they are less expensive to fix and less likely to turn into a major roofing emergency.

No Part Forgotten

Your roof is a lot more than just the shingles that lay on top; not every part of your roof can be seen with the naked eye. Gutters, skylights, chimneys, underlayment, and even inside your attic, are all part of your roofing system! So while your shingles may look like they are in good shape, a roof inspection will ensure that every part of your roof is accounted for. A roofing professional will know all the places to inspect and how to properly assess for damage.

A Clean Roof

Did you know that simply clearing away excess debris on your roof can prolong the life of your roof? At IBEX Roof, our cleaning services include a methodical roof evaluation so that all your bases are covered. Your pristine roof will improve curb appeal and impress passerbyers while you feel confident that your roof will last for years to come.

Peace of Mind

Roof inspections are a simple and painless way to make sure your roof is in good shape. It takes little time to do! IBEX Roof also offers free inspections for our customers, so scheduling your inspection should be a no-brainer. By just setting aside an hour of your day for us to take a look at your roof, you can get peace of mind that your roof is in good shape. 

Schedule your annual roof inspection or cleaning today by giving our office a call at 360-218-3134.